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The essence of a population represented by its products and its recipes, today also gluten-free

The civilization of a population is manifested not only through painting, literature or music, but also – not to say above all – through the good food culture, which is one of the Park Hotel Villa Americana prides.

Start your day with the Hotel Villa Americana breakfast: a thousand flavours, scents and treats will hug you. You need taste, well-being and energy to get off on the right foot before spending a wonderful day of sun and sea. On the buffet you will find croissants, marble cakes, tarts and home-made cakes, jams, yogurt, juice and fresh fruit, cereals, cold cuts and cheeses, and the aromas of a good café. Pick, mix, try the recommendations that we thought just for you … and you will discover new flavours every day at the Hotel Villa Americana…

Every day our Chef selects ingredients with love and care, offering our guests always new Special Menus, in which he artfully combines the aroma of the meats, the freshness and the flavours of the sea, the genuineness of nature and earth fruits. You will find the inevitable classics of national and international cuisine and the renowned products and recipes of the rich tradition of Gargano and Apulia, which provide an unequivocal result: a wide array of dishes to meet the pleasure of every palate and a perfect balance between innovation and tradition with a strong Apulian identity.

The same mastery is showered in our gluten-free Menus. In fact, the Park Hotel Villa Americana is part of the AIC, the nationally recognized Italian Celiac Association. It brings together all the catering services and accommodation that meet the safety standards for gluten-free cooking. With care and attention our Chef takes into account the special needs of the celiac guests during the preparation of gluten-free dishes, never depriving them of the pleasure of tasting the flavour of our cuisine.

The pride in our culinary tradition encourages us to continually recommend local dishes, giving the opportunity to our guests to know, taste and appreciate the Apulia recipes.

Among traditional dishes you can find: Gargano panzanella (salad with soaked stale bread, tomatoes, onions and basil), bruschetta (grilled bread with garlic and olive oil), stuffed squid, broad beans and chicory, peppered mussels, guazzetti (fluid sauce with fish), fried fish and more, homemade pasta (orecchiette, maccarun a’fus, troccoli and strascinati) or delicate garganelli (pasta) with Gargano citrus.

On the tables of Apulia bread, season vegetables, wine, local cheeses, like ricotta, cacio ricotta, pecorino, caciocavallo podolico, or homemade liqueurs such as limoncello (made with lemons), arancino (made with orange peels), laurino (made with bay leaves) or the delicate exclusive cherry are ever present, but the most important product is certainly the “Green Gold”, that is our extra virgin olive oil. The oil of Gargano, easy to digest and to soak up, has a sober and sweet taste; it’s pleasant with a slight aromatic note, it’s something for every palate that enriches and enhances all kinds of dishes without losing flavour.

In a nutshell: the Gargano cuisine encompasses the essence of the Mediterranean diet and the genuine products of Apulia, in a triumph of taste and pleasure. This is where we work to give you emotions and memories.

The hotel restaurant La Zagara completes the picture with its friendly atmosphere and its unmistakable elegance. It overlooks the garden of citrus fruits from which it takes its name, with its play of light and a glimpse of the sea. La Zagara further enhances tastes and flavours. Eventually the waiting staff’s politeness and professionalism add the special ingredient that makes our guests’ stay pleasant and unforgettable.

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