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When you go to town, the Park Hotel Villa Americana is the first hotel you see, and it’s not uncommon that such a name, referring to a hotel in Apulia, triggers much curiosity! It dates back to Giuseppe Apicella, the Italian-American progenitor of our family, who emigrated in the early 1900s to Hoboken – USA – when he was only 17 years old.
Back in Rodi, married and father of three children, he chose to live in a house surrounded by a citrus grove not far from the village, at the time little more than a suburb on the outskirts of the Gargano area. The house, not having at the time an address, was named “Villa Americana” after Peppino the American, i.e. grandpa Giuseppe.
The property was enlarged over the years by his heirs and initially used as an ice factory, then as accommodation, school, and even as a movie theatre, the historic Cinema Imperiale, the only one that has ever existed in Rodi. Eventually, in 1993, we, grandchildren, made a small hotel out of the property; it has continued to change over the years and is still evolving.
2013 was a finest hour for us: achieving 20 years of activity in the hospitality sector, we have realized how this work has become a real passion for us, a job that always continues to gratify more, day after day, year after year, especially when we can give our guests a serene and unique experience at the Park Hotel Villa Americana…


If you are reading these lines, it means that you had the patience, benevolence and perhaps the curiosity to know a little bit of our history, and for this, the least we can do for you is to THANK YOU for the time that you have spent on us.
The Villa Americana always has new ideas coming up. One of the goals achieved is, for example, the completion, in July 2008, of our private beach, the Malibù Beach Club, our wooden blue sky beach establishment we are extremely proud of is very appreciated from our Guests as it has really enriched our hotel and our offering, becoming the second key point of the summer holidays.
If we are able to achieve all this is thanks to our efficient staff, who are by now part of this big family: they take care like us and with us of our guests and they put a lot of effort into our projects.
Our efforts don’t end here: in fact, we hope to carry out soon a cosy wellness centre and to improve the design and the services of our, your Villa American with small and big detail.
If one day you would like to meet us, we hope you will appreciate our commitment to a job we love, and the holiday could become an opportunity to transform this contact via email in a real human relationship which, as already happened for some customers, it has turned into a sincere and disinterested friendship.

Thank you again.

Giuseppe ed Anna Rita Apicella

  Via C. Grossi 23 | 71012 Rodi Garganico FG - Italia

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  Email: info@villaamericana.it

Vat Number: 01847100714

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